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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

When you walk through the doors and into the Village Hospital, located at the intersection of Highway 14 and Westmoreland Road, you get a feeling unlike any other. The natural, healing environment of the hospital is made apparent by the artwork,design, and natural lighting of the state of the art facility. To experience a feeling of peace and serenity as you walk through the halls of a hospital, such as the Village Hospital, is very uplifting, as opposed to the cold, bleak feeling one usually gets when walking through any sort of medical building.

The elegant and modern architecture of the Village Hospital is definitely noticable; from the inside and outside. The inspiration for the building came from a dogwood tree. As you walk through the hospital, you see elements of the dogwood tree and nature everywhere. The first and second level floor pattern mimic the trunk and branches, and the third and fourth level floor pattern mimic the leaves of the dogwood tree. Why the dogwood tree? For many years, the dogwood tree has been used for medicinal purposes.

The photos, by Kevin Silvey, which have been put on canvas by Canvas One, are placed in every hallway throughout the hospital. These canvases, along with a lot of plans for the architecture of the hospital have been selected by Gaby Mitchell. These nature themed canvas photographs definitely add a positive touch to the healing environment of the hospital. The effect of the natural lighting in the hospital also adds a nice touch to Silvey's canvas photographs.

Canvas One has been serving the Upstate by putting artwork on canvas for three years. They were able to put approximately 108 of Kevin Silvey's photographs on canvas for the Village Hospital. Of course, Canvas One doesn't just put photographers or artists work on canvas. Along with retouching, they are able to do restorations, digital paintings, expansions, colorizations, collages, pop art, and photo split panels of any picture, painting, or drawing.

The artwork and the architecture along with the medical professionals at the Village Hospital ensure a wonderful experience to anyone who goes there. Whether it's visiting a loved one, or visiting the hospital for your personal medical attention, no matter if it's a short visit, or a lengthy one it will be more pleasing, relaxing, and serene than any other hospital you've been to.

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